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The Senior Pet                                                                                 

Advances in veterinary medicine are helping pets live longer, heathier lives. That's great news because it means they can be our enthusiastic companions longer than ever before. Like humans, older pets are more likely to have health problems than younger ones. Because pets age quickly it is important to detect problems as early as possible. The best means of detection is an informed, observant owner, and regular veterinary exams and testing.

Cognitive Changes (CDS)

Symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) are: aimless wandering, appearing lost or confused, standing at the wrong side of doors, decreased family interaction, no longer "greeting" family members, sleeping more, sleeping less at night, forgetting house training, pacing, appetite and other behavior changes. Often these changes are mistaken for normal aging. In many cases these symptoms can be reversed by medications, adding to the quality of your pet's life and interaction with your family.


Affected joints are painful making your pet less active and more reclusive.

Health Screening

We offer a variety of ways to verify your pet's health or diagnose problems. One of the ways is by running a series of blood tests. Most of these tests can be run in house using our state of the art equipment. The doctors will review you pet's test results with you the same day, or will call you when they become available. Their expertise can help you understand the signficance of these test results so you can make the best choices for your pet and your family.