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Dental Cleaning                                                                                                          

Imagine that you haven't brushed your teeth in a year. Ouch... But the same natural prosesses that cause us to need routine dental care are at work in our pets. Plaque-induced gum inflammation and broken, worn and loose teeth cause pain, oral infections and a decline in general health. These bacterial infections may invade the blood stream through the gums and can cause kidney and heart disease. Medical studies show proper periodontal care adds an average of two years to a dog or cat's life.

Dr. Zehr or Dr. Blair will oversee each dental procedure. Our technicians have been trained, tested and qualified by the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians. This training and experience assure the best possible care for your pet.

The doctor will perform a pre-anesthetic exam looking for any signs that anesthesia may be unsafe for your pet.

Anesthesia is induced and a tracheal breathing tube is placed. This tube administers oxygen mixed with anesthetic gas and protects from inhalation of bacteria-laden plaque during the procedure. During the cleaning, a computer constantly monitors the heart rate and blood oxygen level of your pet. All pets are placed on a warm water circulating blanket to maintain the patient's body temperature. Next, an oral examination is made of all teeth, gum, and tongue surfaces. At this time the doctor decides if any teeth need special treatment. We make every effort to save teeth when possible.

The next step is ultrasonic scaling of all teeth, followed by hand-scaling of tooth surfaces under the gum. This is the same technology used by many human dentists. After scaling, the teeth are polished to remove microscopic scratches caused by scaling. If left, these scratches would provide a foothold for plaque and speed its return. Lastly, pocket depths around each tooth are measured and charted. The total time for the procedure is usually 35 to 45 minutes. 


Before Dental Cleaning


After Dental Cleaning


Pocket Depth 

At home care is just as important for your pets' dental health as it is for you. Click on the link provided for a video demonstration on how to brush your pets' teeth.



Cats and Dogs


Dental Radiography
Our doctors make every effort to save teeth when possible. Dental x-rays provide valuable information to the doctor if a tooth's health is in question. X-rays not only reveal the condition of the tooth's root, but also the condition of the supporting bone.