Hendersonville Veterinary Hospital

1001 Greenville Highway
Hendersonville, NC 28792



Euthanasia Services                                                                           

We know one of the hardest decisions an owner makes is to euthanize their pet. We understand this difficult decision is a final act of kindness to your pet. Our doctors work closely with owners to make sure all medical conditions and options are explained and questions are answered. When the time comes, we have a comfortable and private area set aside from the bustle of the hospital. This family room setting has a private exit and owners may stay as long as they wish.

Most of our clients wish to be with their pet during the euthanasia, and we encourage this. In fact, if your pet has a companion pet that is close to the one being euthanized, we encourage you to bring that pet along, to allow him/her to participate in the grieving process.

If you need help trying to decide what the right decision is for you and your pet, the link below may be useful in your decision making process.