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Root Canal Therapy

HVH has added Root Canal Therapy and Vital Pulpotomies as other ways to provide cutting edge care for our patients. Dr. Zehr has completed training at a speciality practice in Baltimore and purchased additional equipment, including digital x-ray, to provide earlier and more accurate diagnosis of dental conditions. Because of the training and requirements involved, few veterinary hospitals offer these procedures. The greatest benefit for pets is saving their teeth and avoiding the pain of dental disease.

Vital Pulpotomies

Where root canals remove dead or infected nerve and pulp tissue, vital pulpotomies remove healthy nerve and pulp tissue from recently fractured teeth. You can imagine how painful an exposed tooth nerve would be. This procedure removes the exposed nerve and the canal is filled with a very hard polymer. If left untreated, infection from food and bacteria travels down the canal causing pain and spreading infection to the bone.  Avoiding Mercury Amalgams...Newer light-cured polymers seal more effectively and allow dental fillings without the use of toxic metals such as mercury.

Digital Radiography

Our doctors make every effort to save teeth when possible. Dental x-rays provide valuable information to the doctor if a tooth's health is in question. X-rays not only reveal the condition of the tooth's root, but also the condition of the supporting bone. Our digital x-ray equipment provides clearer views and the ability to manipulate the view for greater diagnostic detail. It is also safer for your pet because it requires less radiation to produce the image.